Drysuit repairs / seal replacements / latex seals

All types / sizes of latex seals replaced. Our service also includes pressure testing and leak troubleshooting, zip and boot replacements. Rubberman will repair or service any make of drysuit, dry trousers or dry top. Our customers often comment on speed and efficiency of service.

Latex Seal Repairs are "Same Day Turnaround" and all prices include post back to you

Payment: We accept payment by BACs, cash, cheque and PayPal (charges apply for payments by PayPal to cover fees)
Please make cheques payable to "Rubberman" . 
Please note Rubberman is not VAT registered.


wrist seal being replaced

Seal Replacement Fitted Price List
(All prices include fitting and post back to you)

Neck     £45.00
Wrist     £35.00 per pair (1 wrist = £20.00)
Ankle Seals   £36.00 per pair (1 ankle = £20.00)
Latex Socks   £40.00 per pair (1 sock = £22.00)

BDM Fly Zip    £90.00
BDM Zip         £145.00 (without cover) 

                        £160.00 (with cover)

Neo Lined Dive Boots   £85.00

Pressure Test Full Suit   £20.00 (includes repair)


Dive Suit Repairs

Neck (Latex and taped)         £50.00 
Neck (Neoprene and taped)    £70.00
Wrist (Latex and taped) per pair  £40.00 (1 wrist = £22.00)
Wrist (Neoprene and taped) per pair  £48.00 (1 wrist = £25.00)

Wrist dump      £30.00
Auto dump       £50.00  
Swivel inflation  £55.00         




Bellows pocket fitted £40.00

Knife pocket fitted £35.00

Brace kit fitted £40.00

Reflective arm strips fitted (Pair) £30.00

pressure testing a leaky suit




"Look at that!"
Pressure testing a leaky suit